Many photographers have their bag of tricks to achieve ultimate photographs. Instead of taking that extra time in photo editing mode, these items can help on set!

Where would you be if you didn’t have a multi-tool set on the photography set. A lot of photographers come completely prepared and honestly, it isn’t a bad idea either. What if there is a branch or depending on the shoot, a screw is loose. There are many things that could go wrong and adding an insanely useful gadget will make you feel more confident and prepared.

Another item to give an extra dramatic effect is an aerosol “fog spray”. We like to use Atmosphere Aerosol, which is basically instant fog. The effects will help with your dramatic photograph and it won’t stick around like a fog machine would. It is also more portable so it won’t add to your bags upon bags of photo gear.

Ball bungees are a great item for personal travel use but as well as on the set. They can be easily used to secure a flash to a table or if you have other props within the photograph to hold those in place. They are pretty inexpensive and a quick solution to securely fastening and small object.