How many times have you photographed someone and they just won’t smile? It is almost as if they have it in their head that the look better with resting [insert curse-word here] face than with a warm-filled smile, or if nothing else at least give me a smirk? With children, it can be easier as if you give them a toy to look at or a ‘cookie’ and they will smile the crap out of that session. Well, when you are working with a 25-65 year old who has been ‘adulting’ for a long time, it can be hard to smile.

I have found the only way to get people through a portrait session is to become a comedian. Yep, that is right, I am a web developer by day, photographer by night, and comedian by weekend. What better way to get your subject to have a genuine smile than to laugh? Now I must admit, I am sometimes not the funniest person in the world so I have to get creative during a session and almost turn my personality into that of a child’s. What choice do I have when you look angry during your photo shoot?

Has anyone else come into this problem? And if so, how do you handle the resting [insert another curse-word here] face?