After some time, I have been thinking that it might be refreshing to blog about some real life dilemmas when it comes to a side business. I have never been one to blog (as you can tell there is only one blog prior to this one), but I am looking at these blogs as a place for some true thinking and maybe at some point a spot for people just learn about real life. So, let’s jump in!

I have realized that as photography being a side business, it gets very hard sometimes to summon the energy to go out and do it. As a new mom (18mo old child at home), working a full time job, and working on a newly purchased house, doing the side gig tends to be challenging at times. Where do people find time? Do people ever sleep? Sometimes based on different friends’ lifestyles I have encountered that it seems they do all the stuff they want and never sleep. And by never I mean maybe about 4-5 hours every night.I sometimes just find it difficult to schedule a time to go and photograph which depending on what they need, takes time. Then after the photos are taken, I have to sit and go through proofs to send. After proofs are chosen, then the ‘fun’ part starts where I get to sit for even more time in front of a computer and edit all the pictures the client chose. Doing everything can be hard, so for you new moms out there that are struggling with trying to do it all, there will eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, keep trucking along. One day there will be balance!

I know there are more of you out there who have struggled with the same issues as having side jobs separate from your full time career.  So this brings me to wonder, how do the rest of you tackle the endless list of tasks to take care of with having a side business you do? Just something to think about. 🙂