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Tarah graduated from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls in 2013 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and Photography. With almost 10 years of experience in Graphic Design, she also has a strong background in Print and Promotional Products.

She has had numerous works published in print and web including Habitat for Humanity and Photographer’s Forum as well as numerous exhibitions with displayed photography.

Since graduating, she continues being involved with local area chambers, such as the Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce, serving as an Ambassador and Board Member.

Event Photography is fast rising as an immensely useful tool to help promote and record your business events. In a highly competitive market environment, inventive and innovative strategies are required to ignite publicity, spur sales and grab maximum attention. Businesses use event photos to help capture and capitalize on special events including new product launch parties, celebration parties for sales distributors and in-house sales teams, special exhibitions, award ceremonies for achievement of sales targets, motivational or educational seminars for employees, shows and conferences and other marketing and promotional events. Event photography requires proficiency and experience. The ability to capture the experience (not just take pictures) is what separates a professional event photographer from a regular photographer with a digital SLR camera. A skilled event photographer will know how best to capture the event and will bring the right equipment, from backup cameras and memory cards, to lighting and backdrops.
Product photography is crucial to any business that intends to market their goods online or in print. Product photography styles range from the more simple representational shots to the more artfully crafted depictions of the product. Many product photographers shoot in a controlled studio, however depending on the product and the look/feel desired for the photos (particularly for customers who want a more authentic or (often) lower costs option) product photos can often also be shot on location. The types of shots can vary in style from modeled products where an actor models the product to more simple shots of the product captured in a white box or in front of a seamless backdrop. Many product photographers do extensive post on the images to make sure that they are ready to publish.
Sports photography seeks to capture the drama and action of all types of sports. In a sense sport photography has photojournalistic values, but with a sport bend. Most high quality sport photographers are versed in shooting live events and employ a large amount of equipment and techniques to cover both live action sports meets and the events that surround them.
Business Portraits
A headshot is a photograph of a person’s head and shoulders, with an emphasis on the person’s face. Some headshots – called three-quarter shots – include as much as ¾ of the person’s body. Actors and models most frequently need headshots. However, other professionals from star athletes to business owners sometimes need a photograph designed to market their personality. Sometimes headshots appear on business cards or are included with a professional resume.
Nature photography is about capturing the natural world we live in; in the air, on land or sea, the heavens as well as natural subterranean areas. With nature photography, the focus can be on wildlife, colors, contrasts, patterns or anything that is naturally occurring, including weather phenomena including storms and lightning Each element of nature photography requires skill and experience to both capture the photos and the experience of a place while dealing with constantly changing light and conditions. Nature photography is often a race against time since each day only provides around 2 to 3 hours of perfect lighting to shoot and capture the most dramatic shots. These hours are often referred to as the “golden hours” and there are many shoots when a photographer will need to crawl out of a nice warm sleeping bag to get the shot. During a nature photography shoot, a good nature photographer is always adjusting for the light and cloud cover and on some days will need to travel hundreds of miles to get the right shot. One of the great things about nature photography is that it is right outside all of our doors and visually stunning nature photography images can often be captured without extensive travel – it’s often surprising what a good nature photographer can capture in the natural elements all around, including dew on spider webs, frost forming on trees or a humming bird that stops by for a morning visit.
Wedding photography is an opportunity to preserve memories and vows from a special day and to tell the story of the bride and groom. There are two broad categories of wedding photography: more traditional posed shots of the bride, groom, wedding party and ceremony and a more photo-journalistic style. While there are moments of the wedding day that are well-suited to a little posing and direction such as the age old tradition of family formals, photojournalistic wedding photographers observe the scenes and moments unfolding in front of their eyes and photograph them from a behind-the-scenes approach. While some couples still opt for the look of completely posed, traditional work, a popular wedding photography option today is a more photojournalistic style and a photographer who creates artwork that is emotionally compelling and visually remarkable.
We made the product, brought in the photographer, and that was it. It was a very easy process and the customers eating loved talking with her!
Lakes Tavern & Grill

Excellent service, great to work with, the best quality of pictures! Overall I am totally satisfied with Tarah!!! She helped you relax for the camera, and had so many good photo shoot ideas! She is very professional and will make the best out of your Big day!
Ashley W.

Very professional, wonderful, great, we will always go to Buy-Yer Photography for our event photos!
MSP Bowfishing

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